We knew that the college application process was time consuming and that we needed to start early.  However, every time we tried to begin as a family, there were so many other things happening.  Trying to add more to our hectic family schedule was not working.  We loved working with Jennifer because she mapped out the process.  She helped our daughter make choices that suited her.  She took the time to get to know her first.  This proved invaluable in assisting her with targeting schools that were “good fits”, as well as understanding what criteria would be important in each application.  Going through the process, we realized how much of a disadvantage there is when relying solely on the high school guidance counselor.  There is so much to know and so many moving parts!  Jennifer’s attention to detail and guidance were invaluable.  We are not quite finished with the process, and we all look forward to our daughter’s final decision.

  • Posted on: November 19, 2021