At HEC, students and parents find practical support and guidance. Working one-on-one, our college planning services are individualized to meet each student’s needs. Our advising services include:

College and University Exploration

We build a list of “best-fit” colleges and universities for the student to review and visit.

Academic Coaching

We provide virtual sessions with students to ensure they stay on track and in control.

Aptitude and Career Assessment

We explore each student’s learning style, academic passions and challenges, extracurricular interests, and hobbies.

Affordability and Financial Aid

We explain the financial aid process so families can make informed decisions and find schools that are smart economic choices.

Campus Visit Plan

We prepare students for meaningful school visits and on-campus interviews.

Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

We consider the unique needs of each student to find colleges that provide the appropriate type of learning and support.


We create a comprehensive application timeline and support the completion of all applications ahead of each deadline.

Resume Building

We provide guidance in course selection, activities, and professional development to highlight a well-rounded experience on college applications.

Letters of Recommendation

Strong letters of recommendation make a difference. Students learn who to approach and how to get the best recommendations.


We create a step-by-step plan to tackle application essays and deadlines.

Where to Enroll

We help evaluate acceptances, scholarships, and need-based awards, plus, plan any appeal strategies.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s start collaborating – we’ll work with you to find the college that fits your academic, economic, and social needs!

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