All advising plans include access to the Headwaters Educational Consulting software to scaffold the student’s journey. Both students and families have access to this web based portal where all assignments, status updates and college lists are easily accessible.

Software Highlights

Assessment Inventories

At HEC, we utilize a variety of assessments and evaluations to help your student discover his/her learning style, interests, and strengths. We help them create a plan to explore those interests and understand how their aptitudes, interests and values will impact their future.

College List

HEC offers a college search platform to all clients.  It uses a proprietary college information database for professional college counselors that provides detailed college data, probability information, and financial feasibility tools.

Application Tracker

The AppTracker organizes college applications to move each student through the busy application process methodically.  Applications have lots of steps, and the AppTracker prevents little things from falling through the cracks.  Parents can see progress and counselors can focus on the intangibles that create a solid college application.

Progress Summary

Parents receive progress summaries directly to their inbox on regular intervals. Students receive itemized assignments from the counselor guiding them through the process. At any time, both the parent and student can see where we are in the process and focus on the next step.